New customers

1. I would like to place an order with you, what do I need to do?

If you would like to order direct you will need to open an account with us. All the information on the steps required to open an account with ACUVUE® can be found here. We look forward to welcoming you to ordering with ACUVUE®.



2. Where can I see which contact lenses you have in your sortiment?

A full overview of our available contactl lenses can be found here.



3. How can I order with you?

We currently have a number of ways to order once you have an account with us. We would recommend our e-commerce site which gives easy access to all your ordering needs and is available 24/7. You can find information on our ordering process and our new account process here. Should you need any further help on this topic, our customer services team are here to help and can be contacted on 8060 1200.

4. I have not ordered in a while. Will I still be able to order?

If you are unsure of the status of your account, please contact our customer services department on 8060 1200. They can take your details, investigate the current status of your account and advise of the next steps required if necessary to enable ordering.



5. Why are all the parameters for your toric lenses available on e-commerce even those that do not exist?

Unfortunately currently all parameters display in the drop down list, but when you try and order you will receive an error message if it is unavailable. A full overview of the parameters for each lens type can be found here.

6. Why can I not reuse my password on e-commerce?

We value the security of customers highly and this measure is in place to ensure your security. Currently our system will ask you to change your password every three months. Should you need any help with our e-commerce site then please contact our friendly customer services team on 8060 1200.

7. When I try and use e-commerce it advises that I am an inactive user. What does this mean?

Generally when our system advises that you are an inactive user, it means that you have not logged into our system in a while or your account details have been changed. Please contact our friendly customer services team on 8060 1200 who will be able to check the status and advise you of the next steps.



8. Have you changed the size of your home delivery boxes as I have had a few patients say recently that the boxes do not fit through their letterboxes?

We haven't made any recent changes to the patient delivery box. If you continue to receive this feedback from your patients, please contact our customer service team on 8060 1200 who can investigate further. Your feedback on our services is important to us to drive improvement.

9. What is your average delivery time?

Currently our average delivery time is 2-3 working days from ordering. A full overview of our delivery times and daily cut offs can be found here.

10. My order has not arrived. What should I do?

Firstly, please refer to our delivery guide lines that can be found here. If your order is outside of these guidelines, please contact our friendly customer services team on 8060 1200 who will be happy to help and investigate your order status further.

11. I would like my patients to receive their lenses directly at their home. Is this a service you offer?

Yes, here at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care we are constantly striving to meet our customers' needs and we realise the value of this service to our customers. If you wish to set up Home Delivery, this can be done through our e-commerce site or you can contact our customer services team who can arrange this for you and talk you through the options available.



12. I would like to return a product I have ordered with you. What is your policy?

A full overview of our returns policy can be found here. If you have any further questions about our returns policy, please contact our customer services team on 8060 1200 who can guide you through the terms and procedure. 



13. Can I get copies of invoices and statements online?

Unfortunately at present this feature is not available. If you need copies of these documents please contact our Finance Department on 384 875 36.



14. Why can't I log in with my username and password from the previous website?

When the new website was created, we migrated across your account but to ensure high levels of security, we did not migrate across passwords. It's simple to reset though; click on the Forgot your details? link when you log in and follow the simple steps.