With the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), our first priority is, as ever, to our patients, partner Eye Care Professionals and employees who we will continue to support in every way we can.


We’re keeping a very close eye on the situation and support the guidance provided by public health officials to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) by avoiding touching the face and eyes. Contact lenses can still be worn safely while preventing potential contamination by following the proper contact lens care instructions, which include thoroughly washing, cleaning, and drying hands before and after handling contact lenses. If your patients require additional reassurances, you can direct them to our patient support information shown below:


Whether your patients use daily disposable or reusable contact lenses, keeping up with proper hygiene when handling their contact lenses is as important as it has ever been.

Wash hands with antibacterial soap and hot water, then dry hands before putting on or taking off contact lenses.

You can access the official World Health Organisation guidelines here.


If your patient is ill, you should recommend for them to wear glasses instead of contact lenses until they get better, as their eyes may feel more uncomfortable than normal and they might be sleeping more which shouldn’t be done while wearing contact lenses.

If they wear daily disposable lenses, they should be disposing of them after each use as they would normally. If they wear reusable contact lenses, it is always recommended to start with a fresh pair after their illness to ensure any microbes do not remain on their lenses.


As well as taking the necessary steps to safeguard the health and wellbeing of each other, we have a responsibility to our patients who depend on our products, which is why we will continue to supply ACUVUE® contact lenses to your practice.

While the best course of action has been to close physical retail locations to limit in-person interactions, your patients should be able to reorder their contact lenses through your online store, by phone or via email.


If you have any concerns about any of the information we have provided, please contact your ACUVUE® Account Manager or visit the Johnson & Johnson website in the link here.